Academic Support

At Saint Stanislaus, we want every child to succeed and reach his or her fullest potential. Grades are a reflection of the work a student has accomplished in a particular subject area.  They represent a combination of written and oral work, classroom participation, homework, and test scores.  Conduct and effort are also reported.

Academic Support

Saint Stanislaus grading scale is:

A+ 100
A   99-94
A-  93
B+ 92
B   91-86
B-  85
C+ 84
C   83-76
C-  75
D+ 74
D   73-71
D-  70

Grades are available to parents on Fast Direct, a computer grade book service. Parents are encouraged to view grades and contact teachers if they have concerns about student progress.

Conduct scores are based on the student’s attitude toward classmates and teachers, and behavior during class. Effort scores are based on the students’ participation during class, and if assignments are done to the best of their ability, and turned in on time.

Sometimes student’s may need extra work outside of the classroom. Whether your child is struggling with a subject or needs an extra challenge, there is a wide selection of educational websites to help meet his or her needs.

Our school offers student subscriptions to the following websites.

Login information can be obtained from your child’s teacher.

We also recommend:

For Preschool & Kindergarteners

For All Grades

For Homework Help      

If you feel you child would benefit from one on one tutoring please contact the school office. We have many resources available to help.