Middle School

Sixth, Seventh, & Eight Grades

Middle school is a transition time between elementary and high school.  This is where a student learns organization, transitions between classes, and grows into a young adult.  In their years in middle school students will be exposed to a variety of classes.
In language arts students will be read a variety of genres of literature, develop an ability to express themselves in various forms of the written word and through these exercises students will build their vocabulary and their skills in grammar.

In social studies they will keep up with current events, study the Americas, the European countries, and continue learning about the history of the United States.

Middle school math consists of building on their prior knowledge of their previous math concepts and focus on graphing data, performing different operations with fractions, ratios, rates, proportions, and then continuing into pre-Algebra or Algebra 1 by their eighth grade year.

The students will learn key science concepts throughout their middle school years.  The concepts will cover a variety of theories and ideas, such as, how the planets were formed, Newton’s Laws of Motion, conservation of matter, and the understanding of life.

Religion is taught throughout the week.  Students will learn about the Old Testament, the life of Jesus and His teachings to the formation of the Catholic Church.  Students in eighth grade will finish their initiation sacrament of Confirmation with a celebration of Mass with the Bishop in late winter/early spring.

Students are expected to complete 20 hours of community service.  The purpose of this service is to develop a greater awareness of themselves and the community that they live in.