At St. Stan’s we are committed to ensuring that
every family has access to an affordable
Catholic education for their children.

The total cost of tuition to attend St. Stan’s is: $5900 per school year.

While the cost may seem steep, there are a variety of scholarships available to offset the cost and nearly all of our families qualify for assistance. Not all scholarships are income based and we encourage all families to explore the options available.

Other Scholarships are available, including:

The State of Indiana Choice Scholarship:

For information on household income limits for the Choice Scholarship, click here.

Please contact the school office and we’d be happy to guide you through the application process.


Our SCRIP program is an easy way for every family to earn money towards tuition.  When you purchase gift cards from school for your everyday spending, a portion of the cost of the card is applied directly to your monthly tuition statement.

An average family just purchasing gas and groceries through SCRIP every month can save $20 a month or more.  The more a family uses SCRIP the more you can save!

Examples Include:
Walmart – $100 gift card gives 3% back.  $400 month in groceries =$12
Family Express- $100 gift card gives 4% back.    $200 month in gas = $8

CLICK HERE for the SCRIP form!